Water is international.
Water knows no boundaries. Water connects.

Water is what links us in the Baltic Sea Region - a unique European region defined by the sea in its centre. A region of old and new, east and west, nature and technology. A comparatively small region of virtually unlimited opportunities.

Across the sea and across borders, the BalticStudyNet partners have joined forces to make the Baltic Sea Region visible to the world, and to bring the world, to bring you, to our region. BalticStudyNet is a consortium of eight universities around the Baltic Sea, and our speciality is to study, teach and research different aspects of the region. With this brochure we would like to give you some information about the Baltic Sea Region, and to make you curious about what lies hidden in the heart of Europe. We would like to invite you as a student or a researcher to come to our universities, to discover an academic landscape shaped by modernity and tradition, by excellence, innovation and cooperation.

But first, let us guide you to and through the Baltic Sea Region on this website. Our little flag-wavers will help you find your way. The flag semaphore system is one of the only truly international alphabets, understood all over the world. It is a means of communicating, of imparting information, and it is traditionally used at sea. Thus, it symbolises exactly what BalticStudyNet stands for.

Welcome to the Baltic Sea Region - welcome to Europe!


Water is international  


Learn to read the signals!


Appreciating Diversity
Embracing Progress  
Sharing Knowledge  
Relishing Life  
Immersing yourself in History  
Communicating across Borders  
Understanding Innovation  
Gaining Confidence  
Discovering the Unexpected