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FE005xxx - Telephoning, Small Talk and Emails (Intensivkurs)

A one-week intensiv course
25 Stunden
105.00 EUR
52.50 EUR
For People, who have a good elementary level and who can use the English language more actively:

- Asking for and giving information
- Communicating more effectively with your counterparts
- Receiving and greeting visitors
- Reading and writing correspondence
- Asking for clarification
- Reaching agreement, arranging appointments
- Telephoning, asking for information, leaving and taking messages
- Making arrangements

If you are not sure whether this course suits your level we can arrange a short telephone interview for a needs analysis and to assess your oral level.Please contact Ms. Schimansky-Geier after your course registration for contact details (doerthe.schimansky-geier@hu-berlin.de).

Level A2