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WE002 - Practical Grammar for Academics (Intensivkurs)

20 Stunden
110.00 EUR
55.00 EUR
You hate grammar? Your teacher can easily see why. Yet grammar in its widest sense is the structure of a language; it invests a string of words with meaning.
The trouble is that even seemingly minor grammatical errors may distort, obscure or misrepresent a message. Good grammar will allow written or spoken material to catch on easily and portray your message correctly and appropriately.
The sorry fact is that many a valuable academic piece is disregarded or ignored because grammatical flaws do not allow ideas and research findings to be absorbed by listeners and readers with effortless ease.
The course alerts you to grammatical pitfalls in a friendly and entertaining manner. Subjects may include anything you wish, but definitely sentence structure, tenses, modal verbs, prepositions infinitives,‘-ing’ verbs and style.
Since grammar is inextricably linked with vocabulary, you also learn new words and phrases. And there are lots of opportunities for conversation.
And remember: the better your grammar already is, the more advanced this course may be made because the teacher will be guided by your needs.

Level B1/B2

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