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Co-operation between the Working Group "Perinatal Adaptation" of the Institute of Biology from the Humboldt-University of Berlin (PD Dr. Barbara Tzschentke, head of the working group) and colleagues from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Prof. Dr. Sohair Saleh) and the Faculty of Agriculture (Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Kaiaty), Cairo, Egypt, exists since a couple of years. The main theme of this co-operation is teaching and undertaking research activities in poultry physiology. In 2002 Dr. Barbara Tzschentke visited the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Cairo University for a short-term lecture stay. And in 2003 Prof. Dr. Sohair Saleh was invited to the Berlin Humboldt-University to deliver a major seminar at the Workshop on "Fundamental Physiology and Perinatal Development in Poultry". In the years 2004 and 2006 Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Kaiaty was a guest scientist in the working group of Dr. Barbara Tzschentke.

During the current year 2007, Dr. Barbara Tzschentke has been invited for a short-term lecture stay at the Faculty of Agriculture of the Cairo University. During the stay, guest lectures in poultry-, developmental- and adaptation physiology will be delivered for the students of both, the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. Further, Dr. Tzschentke has been invited by the Egyptian Poultry Science Association, organised under the aegis of Prof. Dr. M. A. Kosba (chair of the conference organizing committee), to present a main lecture on "Managing the Poultry Embryo for Later Performance" . Dr. Tzschentke will be the chair of the session on the said section during the"4 th World´s Poultry Conference" from 27 – 30 March 2007 in Sharm El-Shigh (www.epsaegypt.com). Dr. Tzschentke is co-chair of the Working Group 12 “Physiology” of the European Branches of the World´s Poultry Science Association (WPSA) and speaker for the same working group of the German Branch of WPSA (www.wpsa.de).


PD Dr. Barbara Tzschentke