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Our latest publications:

May 2016
Klipp, E., Liebermeister, L., Wierling, C. & Kowald, A.

Systems Biology. A Textbook. (second revised edition)

Wiley-Blackwell, Weinheim, 504 p., ISBN:

Systems Biology. A textbook

12 August 2016
Talemi, S.R., Tiger, C.F., Andersson, M., Babazadeh, R., Welkenhuysen, N., Klipp, E., Hohmann, S. & Schaber, J.
Systems level analysis of the yeast osmo-stat
Sci. Rep.
, 30950.
doi: 10.1038/srep30950, PMID: 27515486
07 September 2016
Goldenbogen, B., Giese, W., Hemmen, M., Uhlendorf, J., Herrmann, A. & Klipp, E.
Dynamics of cell wall elasticity pattern shapes the cell during yeast mating morphogenesis
Open Biol.
doi: 10.1098/rsob.160136, PMID: 27605377

Upcoming group events

27 October 2016    -    Group seminar
Wolfgang Giese
"Spatial modeling of signaling cascades"

03 November 2016    -    Group seminar
Paula Martinell Garcia

10 November 2016    -    Group seminar
Martin Hugo

Our main interest ...

... is the study and mathematical modeling of biological organism on the cellular and sub cellular level. We aim to develop new techniques, software, incorporate new and well established knowledge to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of life.

We have a special interest in: Yeast, Bacillus subtilis and Mammalian cells. If you are interested in a specific project please visit our Research page.

In our research activities we developed a series of software Tools that you are free to use.

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