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Last updated Mai. 29, 2007

The Berliner Journal für Soziologie is published by the Institute of Social Sciences at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The Berliner Journal für Soziologie's single issues include contributions to general sociological topics and research areas, but the journal has also issues focusing on special themes i.e., sociological classics or today's problems under sociological discussion.
Comprehensive review essays explicate innovative trends within German and international social sciences and inform about the state of the art in cnetral sociological fields.
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    The BJS is devoted to empirical as well as theoretical research in sociology and related fields of study. It is published four times a year. The Berliner Journal für Soziologie was founded in 1991 as the first independent sociological journal in East Germany on initiative of the East German sociological society.
    The journal is understood as a general sociological journal publishing contributions from diverse sociological fields, including all varieties of sociological topics.
    Right from the start, it was the journal's declared aim to enhance the discussion and further solution of central sociological problems in the light of contemporary theoretical and societal developements.
    Two questions have been and will be central to the journal: transformation and culture. Transformation processes in post socialist societies are one major focus.
    Contemporary culture - new Media, urban society, democracy and the public, ethnicity and nationalism, pluralism of life forms - is the second major focus.
    Due to the developements in these fields, the sociology of culture has recieved important impulses and new perspectives in comparative research. Research and analyses on transformation and culture will also form a vital part of the journal's future.


  • Hans-Peter Müller, Berlin 
  • Hans Bertram, Berlin 
  • Klaus Eder, Berlin 
  • Frank Ettrich, Erfurt 
  • Hildegard M. Nickel, Berlin 


    Scientific Advisors  
  • Anthony Giddens, London 
  • Hartmut Häußermann, Berlin 
  • Leonid Jonin, Moskau 
  • Wolf Lepenies, Berlin 
  • Karl Ulrich Mayer, Berlin 
  • Alain Touraine, Paris 
  • Bernd Wegener, Berlin 
  • Johannes Weiß, Kassel 


    Managing Editors  
  • Jürgen Mackert, Berlin 
  • Jochen Steinbicker, Berlin 
  • Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg, Berlin 
  • Sekretariat: Uta Kühn 
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      Redaktion des Berliner Journals für Soziologie 
      Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 
      Institut für Sozialwissenschaften 
      Unter den Linden 6 
      D-10099 Berlin 
      Tel.: 030-2093-4355 / 030-2093-4356 / 030-2093-4357 
      Fax: 030-2093-4365 



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