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Quantum Mechanics for Chemists (with Programming)

Vorlesungen/Lectures                2 SWS im Studium Freier Wahl (BZQ und WPF)
                                                     für 6. FS Bachelor Chemie und 2. & 4. FS Master Chemie

Lecturer                                       Prof. N. P. Ernsting

Time:                                            Summer Semester 2015
                                                     Friday, 11-13.00 Uhr (open-ended) geändert!!!!

Location:                                      Schrödinger Center, Computer Pool 0'315

On the script:                             

    In a first 30% of a lecture I will develop the material on the blackboard fully and formally, with slow explanations as the concept builds up. As a result, each “page” will have been created “in situ” with (hopefully) near-perfect layout. Students are invited to copy this material by hand as it unfolds; then you have your own script. You may even photograph the blackboard – but note that this is not half as effective in terms of memorizing, according to experience!
    In the second 70% of a lecture we will set up the problem numerically, and draw pictures to understand it. The formulas will then be applied in order to see the desired effect or to obtain the desired quantities. For this purpose we work in the Computer Pool of the Schrödinger Center throughout. Programs that have been created by you will be saved, of course, and they will complete your above-mentioned script.

Content of lecture course

Kapitel 2 - Klassische Mechanik

Übung für 13.11.2015