Research interests

Studies are mainly focussed on species identification in nanostructured solid fluorides as well as on the mechanism of their formation. These solids are either prepared by fluorolytic sol-gel reactions (research group: Kemnitz) or by mechanochemical synthesis. Ideally, solid state NMR can be used as powerful analytical tool applicable both for crystalline, partially crystalline and X-ray amorphous samples.             Spin probes: 19F, 27Al, 1H, 2H,13C, (69,71Ga, 115In, 29Si, 25Mg)


  • Solid state NMR studies on the formation of local structures at fluorolytic sol-gel processes
  • Determination of local structures in crystalline and amorphous fluoride and oxide materials by solid - state NMR
  • Mechanochemical synthesis, structure and properties of nanoscopic metal fluorides and of their solid solutions (project in the Graduate School GRK-1582- Fluorine as key element)
  • Mechanochemical synthesis of inorganic - organic hybride materials on a fluoride basis
  • Distorted metal oxides by fluoride doping and /or mechanochemical activation (project C01 in the collaborative research centre CRC 1109)
  • Solid state NMR investigations on the formation and structure of "High-surface" AlF3 - a new highly disordered AlF3 synthesized on the
    sol-gel basis.
  • Methods: