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Past & future workshops on eye-tracking/EEG

Past workshops

German flag March 18, 2013    Rovereto, Italy Center for Mind/Brain Scienes
German flag October 1, 2015    Berlin, Germany Cutting EEG 2
Iranian flag November 7-8, 2016    Teheran, Iran Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Shahid Behesti University
Chinese flag December 7, 2016    Guangzhou, China International Conferences on the Processing of East Asian Languages
German flag August 19, 2017    Wuppertal, Germany European Conference on Eye Movements
French flag July 2, 2018    Paris, France Cutting EEG 4
German flag July 3, 2019    Germersheim, Germany International Conference on Translating, Interpreting & Cognition
Portugese flag November 14-15 2019    Lisboa, Portugal Faculty of Psychology, University of Lisbon
German flag June 2, 2020    Stuttgart, Germany ETRA 2020: ACM Symposium on Eye-Tracking Research & Applications
French flag July 2, 2020    Aix-en-Provence, France Cutting EEG 5

Future workshops