The Research Center for Popular Music, founded in 1983 at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, was the first institution of its kind. From the beginning, its mission was to explore the various forms of popular music through research and teaching.

The Center has an interdisciplinary bent, welcoming students and researchers from all relevant fields in support of their research projects. Work at the Centrer revolves around the following main themes:


Pop Music and youth culture

The various forms of pop music are properly understood only in their cultural contexts. How do today's youth use this music? What does it mean to them? What cultural value do they seem to place on it? In answering these questions, one traces the cultural dimensions of popular music.


Pop Music as insdustry

The forms of popular music takes are very much a result of how the music industry functions. In spite of a great deal of debate on the subject, there remains only a very vague idea about the development processes and organizational structures in the music industry. the commercial and technological aspects of music industry virtually terra incognita for researchers.


Pop Music as medium through sound

Pop ist much more than just music, but the cultural, economic and technological processes it sets into motion are experiented through the medium of sound. The rules of aesthetics may therefore here be applied to sound, but this has been as scantily researched as pop's visual dimension - which has as much to do with the show, or with the eyes, as with the ears.


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17.02.2013, 22:12
Newsletter 02-2013
Große Neueröffnung des Elektroakustischen Studios in der Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg und Kooperation zwischen dem Spin-Off des FPM "addmuse" und dem SINUS Institut für Markt- und Meinungsforschung. [Weiterlesen]
16.02.2012, 13:21
Newsletter 02-2012
das Forschungszentrum Populäre Musik der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin möchte Sie in Zukunft über den Stand unserer Forschungen und aktuellen Projekte mit einem regelmäßig erscheinenden Newsletter informieren. [Weiterlesen]
25.10.2011, 14:25
EXIST Gründerstipendium für Spin-Off des FPM
Der Deutsche Bundestag und das BMWi fördern mit dem EXIST Gründerstipendium eine Ausgründung aus dem Forschungsbereich Akustische Markenführung des Forschungszentrums Populäre Musik. [Weiterlesen]

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