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Veranstaltungsreihe: Lecture Series on Popular Sovereignty

Vorlesungsreihe: Popular Sovereignty

Mit: Daniel Ziblatt, Dieter Grimm u. A.


Do., 10.10.2019 18:00 Uhr -
Di., 21.01.2020 20:00 Uhr


Unter den Linden 9.Altes Palais
Abbildung:Bard College
Modern constitutional democracies rest on the principle of popular sovereignty. The idea Lecture Series Popular Sovereigntythat ultimate authority is vested in the people has served to ground constitutional orders and legitimize political power in the modern world. With the recent rise of authoritarian parties and populist governments that assert popular legitimacy to question constitutional principles as necessary buttresses of democratic regimes, the viability and soundness of “rule of the people” has come under intense scrutiny.

Co-hosted by Bard College Berlin and Humboldt University’s Law and Society Institute, the Lecture Series on Popular Sovereignty convene distinguished scholars, political analysts, and civil society activists to probe contemporary dilemmas of democratic government and examine the challenges confronting the concept and practice of popular sovereignty today.

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Veranstalter: Integrated Research Institute Law & Society, Bard College Berlin
Referenten: Daniel Ziblatt, Dieter Grimm
Unterstützt von: American Social Science Research Council
Leitung: Anna-Bettina Kaiser, Ewa Atanassow

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Unter den Linden 9.Altes Palais
Raum: 213

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