There are five Individual Projects (IPs) based in Europe and one Associated Project (AP) based in Japan.

Project Name Institution Researchers
IP1 A documentation and description of Shua (Kalahari East Khoe) Aarhus University, Denmark Bill McGregor, Blesswell Kure
IP2 Salvage documentation and description of South African Khoekhoe and !Ui languages University of Leiden, Netherlands Maarten Mous, Christian Rapold
IP3 Inheritance and contact in a language complex: the case of Taa varieties (Tuu family) Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany Tom Güldemann, Christfried Naumann, Robyn Loughnane
IP4 The Central Kalahari area with a focus on ǂHoan (Ju-ǂHoan family): language contact and population genetics MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig, Germany Brigitte Pakendorf, Chiara Barbieri, Linda Gerlach, Falko Berthold
IP5 Kinship systems in southern African non-Bantu languages: documentation, comparison, and historical analysis University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom Alan Barnard, Gertrud Boden, Jenny Lawy
AP The southwestern Kalahari Khoe languages of the Gǁana and Naro groups Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan Hirosi Nakagawa, Hitomi Ono, Akira Takada