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2018 / 04 / 04   Reviews

Sven Jochem:
"Andreas Bergh, Gissur Ó. Erlingsson, Richard Öhrvall, Mats Sjölin: A Clean House? Studies of Corruption in Sweden, Lund: Nordic Academic Press 2016, 160 S."

In: Volume 2018

2018 / 04 / 03

This link will open a new tab "NORDEUROPAforum Editorial 2018"
Bernd Henningsen

Abstract: "On the Spirit and Purpose of Scandinavian Studies"
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  • Volume 2018
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2017 / 12 / 29   Reviews

Inken Dose:
"Tuula Karjalainen: Tove Jansson. Die Biografie, Stuttgart: Urachhaus 2014, 352 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 10 / 22

This link will open a new tab "Migration in the Media. Metaphors in Swedish and German News Coverage"
Bo Petersson & Lena Kainz

Abstract: Migration-related events have received overwhelming attention in mainstream media coverage within Europe in recent years. This study investigates the metaphorical framing of migration issues by comparing dominant discursive patterns from two national and two regional daily newspapers in Sweden and Germany. Applying a corpus-based critical metaphor analysis, the spotlight falls on metaphors prevalent in media articles published during the EU Valletta Summit on migration held in November 2015. The article is inspired by Lakoff and Johnson’s classic work, Metaphors We Live By, according to which metaphors are components of everyday language with a pervasive influence on thoughts and actions. Adhering to this logic, metaphors become most powerful when taken for granted (»naturalized«) and therefore evade readers’ attention. Apart from tracing naturalized metaphorical framings in mainstream Swedish and German media coverage, this study discusses how the discursive connotations conveyed by dominant metaphors are likely to influence readers’ interpretation of migration-related issues and policies.
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  • Volume 2017
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2017 / 10 / 03   Reviews

Sven Jochem:
"Valur Ingimundarson, Philippe Urfalino, Irma Erlingsdóttir (eds.): Iceland’s Financial Crisis. The Politics of Blame, Protest, and Reconstruction, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 2016, 278 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 09 / 28   Reviews

Doreen Reinhold:
"Bo Lidegaard: Landsmænd. De danske jøders flugt i oktober 1943, Kopenhagen: Politikens Forlag 2013, 506 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 07 / 31   Reviews

Sven Jochem:
"Carly Elizabeth Schall: The Rise and Fall of the Miraculous Welfare Machine. Immigration and Social Democracy in Twentieth-Century Sweden, Ithaca (NY): Cornell University Press 2016, 245 S."

Berit Glanz:
"Agnes Schindler: Icelandic National Cinema. Film- und Rezensionsanalysen nationaler Identität, Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier 2015 (=Filmgeschichte International 22), 357 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 05 / 18   Reviews

Ulrich Wilker:
"Tomi Mäkelä: Friedrich Pacius. Ein deutscher Komponist in Finnland. Mit einer Edition der Tagebücher, Briefe und Arbeitsmaterialien von Silke Bruns, Hildesheim/Zürich/New York: Olms und Helsinki: Schwedische Literaturgesellschaft in Finnland 2014, 552 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 05 / 12   Annotations

Sven Jochem:
"Christian Rebhan: North Atlantic Euroscepticism. The Rejection of EU Membership in the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Tórshávn: Fróđskapur Faroe University Press 2016, 230 S."

In: Volume 2017

2017 / 03 / 17   Reviews

Lena Rohrbach:
"Editorial - Deutsch – (Nordeuropäische) Wörter des Jahres und wissenschaftliche Selbstansprüche"

Lena Rohrbach:
"Editorial - Englisch – (Northern European) Words of the Year and the Re-affirmation of Scholarly Rigour"

Clemens Räthel:
"Katharina Müller, Stephan Michael Schröder (Hgg.): Kosmopolitismus und Körperlichkeit im europäischen Theater des 18. Jahrhunderts, München: Herbert Utz Verlag 2016, 294 S."

Frithjof Strauß:
"Michael Fjeldsøe: Kulturradikalismens musik, København: Museum Tusculanums Forlag 2013, 832 S."

In: Volume 2017

2016 / 12 / 30

This link will open a new tab "Die Auslöschung des Subjekts – Biomacht in Andri Snær Magnasons Roman LoveStar und Ninni Holmqvists Roman Die Entbehrlichen"
Dörte Linke

Abstract: This contribution investigates how biopolitics comes into effect within society. It focuses on two Scandinavian novels, namely LoveStar by Andri Snær Magnason and Die Entbehrlichen by Ninni Holmqvist. Both novels map fictitious societies, which are based on biopolitical concepts. First, I will show how the respective society works. A special focus will be placed on the question how biopolitical concepts undermine the idea of human beings as autonomous subjects and thus change the imagination of mankind in general. The naturalization of mankind and the reformulation of the dimensions of existence, which were traditionally interpreted in a philosophical manner, are essential here. This will be illustrated with regard to the concepts of death, love, and self-reflection which the respective society formulates. For the theoretical background, I will draw on considerations on biopolitics by Foucault, Deleuze, and Agamben.
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  • Volume 2016
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2018 / 01 / 29 _ Presidential elections in Finland 2018 – about the parliamentarization of the Finnish democracy

Our editor Prof. Dr. Sven Jochem explains the course of events and the results of a reserved election campaign and calls it a depoliticisation of the presidential office.

2017 / 12 / 18 _ New article by our editor Prof. Dr. Bernd Henningsen on the Baltic Sea Region

Note on our own behalf: Our editor Bernd Henningsen has published a new article in the recently released anthology "Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2016 und der Ostseeraum". For all interested parties, this (and other) contributions can be found here:

Der Ostseeraum: Zur Konstruktion und Dekonstruktion einer “Modellregion”. In: Werz, Nikolaus, Martin Koschkar, Jan Müller (Hgg.): Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2016 und der Ostseeraum. Rostock: Universität Rostock 2017. p. 7-21.

Have fun reading it!

2017 / 10 / 16 _ NEW BLOG ENTRY:

Hygge revisited

After a seminar on happiness in the Nordic Embassies, our editor Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Henningsen once again comments on the continuing enthusiasm generated by the now world-famous concept of hygge from Denmark.

2017 / 10 / 16 _ New publication out now: Bernd Henningsen, Tobias Etzold, and Krister Hanne (eds.): "The Baltic Sea Region. A Comprehensive Guide. History, Politics, Culture and Economy of a European Role Model." (BWV)

The Baltic Sea Region, at the crossroads between East and West, North and South, has long been marked by cultural, ethnical and ideological borders. Overcoming a history of conflict and separation, since the end of the Cold War the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea established widely valued formats of regional cooperation based on shared challenges and opportunities. In comparison with larger regions, however, the Baltic Sea Area is still a blank spot on the global map. This volume’s intention is to fill this spot with colour and facts. It provides students, young researchers and other interested parties with basic knowledge of the region. The volume offers a comprehensive introduction into its history, politics, economy and culture, taking into account the various countries’ commonalities and differences. By introducing concepts of regionalism and region-building, as well as analysing the structures of regional cooperation the authors and editors demonstrate the Baltic Sea Area’s model function as a European macro-region.


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