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Aims of dissemination within the Open Archives Forum project

  1. To encourage and support collaboration between implementations
  2. To disseminate information about European open archives implementations and raise awareness of issues of deployment in Europe
  3. To ensure good communication between initiatives in Europe and OAI in US and beyond

Open Archives Forum web site

A project web site has been established at the beginning of the project to disseminate the objectives of the project and to publicise emerging information, including workshop proceedings. All reports and public outputs of the project are available on the web site. Reviews produced within this and other Work Packages form the basis of an integrated information resource, giving in depth background information and featuring news from Europe and beyond. The project encouraged related projects to place relevant information on the web site and to link to items of interest elsewhere. The project investigated the feasibility of mirroring the US OAI web site. 

Introductory review of open archive activity in Europe to feed into Workshop1

There is a need to define the basic concepts within the OAI framework, and to facilitate sharing information between the spectrum of OAI based activity in Europe. This also contributes to the international collaboration between services based on OAI whether these are metadata sharing or open archives. The project provided a common vocabulary within OAI Europe by disseminating the history and background to such concepts as harvesting, acceptable use, rights, ownership, identifier resolution, metadata sharing.

Dissemination plan

A dissemination plan has been drawn up and agreed between project partners. This includes informing the stakeholder communities of relevant issues, publicising outcomes of the project, and sharing information made available by other projects. This has been done via e-mail lists, printed newsletters and other community specific publications. A public project mailing list has been set up.

Improved global communication and cooperation among open archive implementers

An exchange channel with the OAI in US that permits continuous monitoring of its progress has been established. An Open Archives Forum project representative participated in the OAI-organised workshops and other selected meetings both in the US and in Europe, and members of the OAI steering committee have been invited to Open Archives Forum workshops. Regular reporting has been made back to the cluster.

A model for sustainability of the Open Archive Forum or a successor service

The need for European concertation in the area of open archives will continue beyond the term of this project, whether through the continuation of the Open Archives Forum, or by some other means. Therefore the options for a sustainable open archives information and communication support service has been considered and recommendations has been made. A draft of this report has been discussed at the final workshop, with a view to developing an action plan based on a broad consensus with regard to final recommendations.



The Open Archives Forum (OAF) is an IST– Accompanying Measures project (IST- 2001-320015).
The partners of OAF are: University of Bath-UKOLN (United Kingdom), Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie della Informazione-CNR (Italy) and Computer- and Media Service (Computing Center) of Humboldt University (Germany).

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