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Organisational evaluation

Aims of organisational evaluation within the Open Archives Forum project

  1. To recommend sustainable business models for metadata sharing, publishing and archiving, building upon implementation experience
  2. To explore the incentives for organisations and individuals to participate in an exchange based model for providing information, archiving and metadata sharing services.
  3. To investigate issues of intellectual copyright and terms and conditions of use.
  4. To establish the sustainability of the governance model of the OAI.
  5. To ensure European organisations benefit from the added value of open archive technology.

Review from the viewpoint of the enduser

We reviewed the potential business models for metadata sharing, publishing and archiving, and explored the added value that the open archives model might offer in these contexts. It considered:

  • the impact of OAI from the viewpoint of the end user and the benefits to the learner, researcher and citizen arising from European organisations participating in the OAI approach. (e.g. optimised domain searching, access to 'hidden' documents, changes to publishing paradigm)
  • the added value of different user interfaces to the services arising e.g. OAI portal, mix of OAI and other services, integration of document delivery
  • the benefits to the end user of surfacing European documents by means of the OAI approach, and which content types would be of particular value to the end-user.

Understanding of incentives for participation in open archives and recommendations for sustainable business models

We offered different scenarios for the future growth of OAI in Europe. We undertook a risk analysis to identify areas where action could be taken to ensure sustainability. This exercise identified which organisations and services will gain value from pursuing OAI approach.

Review of the sustainability of the governance model of the OAI

We considered the governance of the OAI itself and the funding model on which it relies. We considered implications for the sustainability of the open archive approach in Europe and considered any changes that might be recommended.

Awareness of IPR and quality issues in the open archives context

We reviewed issues arising from Intellectual Property Rights and terms and conditions of use relating to harvested metadata and 'full-text' document storage and delivery. We reviewed issues related to quality assurance, within an OAI based system (e.g., how is integrity of data guaranteed? Who is responsible for the quality of the service to the end-user?).



The Open Archives Forum (OAF) is an IST– Accompanying Measures project (IST- 2001-320015).
The partners of OAF are: University of Bath-UKOLN (United Kingdom), Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie della Informazione-CNR (Italy) and Computer- and Media Service (Computing Center) of Humboldt University (Germany).

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