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Organisations & initiatives

Open Archives Initiative
"The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content." (from mission statement)

MARC 21 XML Schema
"The Library of Congress' Network Development and MARC Standards Office is developing a framework for working with MARC data in a XML environment. This framework is intended to be flexible and extensible to allow users to work with MARC data in ways specific to their needs. The framework itself includes many components such as schemas, stylesheets, and software tools."

Budapest Open Access Initiative
"...a statement of principle, a statement of strategy, and a statement of commitment." (from home page) The Budapest Open Access Initiative is aimed at achieving free and unrestricted online availability of scholarly journal literature.

Association of Learned and Professional Society (ALPS)
"ALPSP serves, represents and strengthens the community of not-for-profit publishers, demonstrating their essential role in the future of international academic and professional communication." (from about page) It has made a response to the Budapest Open Access Intitative statement.

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Signal Hill: European Parnership on Academic Publishing
"The aim of the partnership is to creare a community of practice for organisations engaged in electronic academic publishing to enable them to combine forces and share their experiences." (from about us page)

DINI's OAI resources
"DINI (German Initiative for Networked Information) supports the use, the dissemination and the implementation of OAi-compatible servers in Germany. To achieve this DINI organises and conducts workshops and other information events. Within this webpage there is also a documentation of the already existing implementations of OAI document- and service providers. A search engine is also provided."
DINI OAi Working Group: http://www.dini.de/arbeitsgruppe_details.php?ID=9
DINI Search Engine: http://edoc.hu-berlin.de/e_suche/oai.php

UKOLN's OAI resources
"This page maintained by the Distributed Systems group at UKOLN provides links to information about OAI in the context of the UK's Resource Discovery Network."

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Articles, papers and reports

Guide to Institutional Repository Software
The Open Society Institute intends this document to help organizations with one facet of their repository planning: selecting a software system that best satisfies an institution's needs. Additionally a System Feature & Functionality Table attempt to explain the relevance of system technical features in the context of a repository's broader planning, design, and policy framework.

Self-Archiving FAQ
Answers to most of the questions you might have about self-archiving. There is also a Glossary of Terms in case you find yourself wading in jargon.

Open Archives and UK Institutions - an Overview
This paper provides a brief overview of current activity in the development of open archives (particularly e-print repositories) within UK universities and similar institutions and discusses some of the issues the open archives activity is raising.

White Paper on Machine-Readable Rights Information
Currently there is no definition for mechanisms to enforce intellectual property rights beyond that a human being needs to read the rights statements packaged with every record. This is not scalable. Can we define a simple vocabulary for rights management that will not be overly restrictive but at the same time will enable more archives to participate without the all-or-nothing approach?

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Online Survey Report
The proposed University of Michigan Library service establishes in collaboration with the University of Illinois's a broad, generic, information retrieval resource for information about publicly available digital library resources provided by the research library community. - A short 7-question survey was created and publicized. They received 591 responses. Results will assist them in providing an appropriate interface and functionality for their service.

ARL 217: Metadata Harvesting and the Open Archives Initiative
This description of the Metadata Harvesting Protocol focuses onthe uses of the protocol and its strategic significance as an enableing technology. The author is Clifford Lynch, of the Coalition for Networked Information.

Building ResourceFinder
This article by Pete Cliff, RDN System Deveolper at UKOLN, in Ariadne Issue 30, describes the use of the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol at the Resource Discovery Network (RDN).

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Disclosing Digital Cultural Wealth: Museums and the Open Archives Initiative
This article by John Perkins of the Consortium for the Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI), in Cultivate Interactive, issue 6, 11 February 2002, describes investigations by CIMI and some of its member museums into the use of the OAI Harvesting Protocol.

Enhancing OAI Metadata for Eprint Services: two proposals
This brief paper by Tim Brody, Zhuoan Jiao, Steve Hitchcock, Les Carr and Stevan Harnad of the Open Citation Project was presented at the Experimental OAI-based Digital Library Systems Workshop held in conjunction with the 5th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL), Darmstadt, September 8, 2001. It discusseshow to make richer metadata available from OAI-compliant data providers and service providers.

OAI and OAIS: What's in a Name?
Even in our narrow community interested in digital libraries and electronic publishing, our wealth of acronyms can lead to confusion. Real harm may result if the scholars who self-publish using OAI also believe they have met requirements for longevity compatible with OAIS. An OAI system that complied with the OAIS reference model, and which offered assurances of long-term accessibility, reliability, and integrity, would be a real benefit to scholarship.

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The Open Archives Forum (OAF) is an IST– Accompanying Measures project (IST- 2001-320015).
The partners of OAF are: University of Bath-UKOLN (United Kingdom), Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie della Informazione-CNR (Italy) and Computer- and Media Service (Computing Center) of Humboldt University (Germany).

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