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Network for Promoting Baltic Sea Region Studies in the World

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Baltic Sea Region Studies

Map Baltic SeaSince the end of the Cold War the Baltic Sea region has re-emerged as a visible entity on the map of Europe. Yet how visible is the Baltic Sea region to the rest of the world? How much have Americans, Africans, Asians, or Australians heard about this part of Europe? – Probably not much, if anything at all. Seen from a global perspective, the Baltic Sea region still appears to be a white spot on the world map.

To change this is the primary goal of the BalticStudyNet which is a networking programme of the Baltic Sea School in co-operation with the Centre for Baltic Studies at Copenhagen University and the Baltic Sea Region Studies programme at Turku University, with funding provided by the European Union.

The BalticStudyNet aims at enhancing the attractiveness of Baltic Sea Region Studies on a global scale by, among other things, hosting international seminars like the Go North! Conference or our Summer School in 2006.