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Nordeuropa-Insititut Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Studying the Baltic Sea in Berlin and Germany

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For decades, German and European scholars, particularly in the social sciences, have treated the north of Europe and the Baltic Sea region like a sort of poor cousin. No matter how great popular interest in, and sympathy for, the north of Europe may be, political science research institutes have no northern European focus, and there exists only loose forms of co-operation with the relevant institutions and think tanks in Scandinavia. The overall level of competence in politics and society about the European north is relatively low.

Against this background, the Baltic Sea School at the Department for Northern European Studies of Berlin Humboldt University, in co-operation with its partners in the Baltic Sea region, has been intensifying its efforts over the past years to raise the level of regional competence among young scholars. Thanks to the generous financial support by the European Commission, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and other institutions we are able to promote junior scholars in the humanities and social sciences, develop study programmes, and organise international workshops, seminars, and conferences. Growing demand, particularly from the young member states of the European Union, shows us that we are moving forward on the right path.

However, today there is still a lack of integrated Baltic Sea area study programmes at higher education institutions in Germany. Study opportunities are rare and scholarly research confined to single and isolated projects. You find more detailed information (mostly in German) about existing study and research activities at Humboldt University, in Berlin and Germany on this website if you follow the links Baltic Sea Studies and Baltic Sea Research.

It is the goal of the Baltic Sea School to introduce a master degree programme in “Baltic Sea Region Studies” at Humboldt University as a complement to already existing programmes at our partner universities, open to post-graduated students in the social sciences and humanities including Scandinavian and Nordic Studies, history, and economics. The conceptual framework of this master degree programme has already been put up, and also put to practice in a one year long pilot project (see Master 2003). Now we are working to secure adequate financial and human resources in order to establish “Baltic Sea Region Studies” at Humoldt University on a permanent basis.