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The Baltic Sea Area Studies

Northern Dimension of Europe


I Project Conferences / Workshops / Schools

II Other Conferences


I Project Conferences / Workshops / Schools

International Interdisciplinary Conference in Riga, Latvia, 10.-13.02.2005
Political Cultures, Values and Identities in the Baltic Sea Region: Transcending East and West, Moving Towards a Common Agenda

Conference in Berlin, Germany, 27. - 29.5. 2004
Changes, Challenges and Chances Conclusions and Perspectives of Baltic Sea Area Studies

International Workshop in Riga, Latvia, 23. - 24.04.2004
"Old" and "New" Europeans: Mapping Political Cultures in the Baltic Sea Region

Political Workshop in Södertörns högskola University College, 17.04.2004
Integration and Northern Dimension of EU Södertörns högskola - University College

Workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, 5. - 8.02.2004
Cross Border Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region: Euro Regions and Region Building

PhD Euro Conference "Challenge of Mobility in the Baltic Sea Region" rounded off the series of conference on "The Baltic Sea Region 2010".

Workshop in Gdansk, Poland, 22.10.2003
Energy Resources, Energy Policy and Democratic Development in the Baltic Sea Region

Mid-term review

The Baltic Sea Region 2010. Theories, Methods and Practicalities.

Euro Summer School Baltic Sea Region 2010: Methods, Theories and Practicalities Virtual colloquium, May 19th - June 13th and workshop in Greifswald, 7th - 13th July 2003

Winter School in Greifswald, 7.-12.2.2003
Loss, Decline and Doom in the Baltic Sea Area

High-Level Scientific Conference, Copenhagen 26. - 27.9.2002
Baltic Sea Region 2010. Encountering the Past - Mapping the Future

Workshop in Vilnius, 14. - 17.3.2002
Political Implications of Integration of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland into Euro-Atlantic Structures

Winter School on Methodology of Area Studies, November/December 2001

Workshop in Riga, 11. - 14.10.2001
Russia’s integration into Regional Structures

Workshop in Helsinki, 5. - 7.04.2001

II Other Conferences

The Transformation of Working Society in North-Eastern Europe
Berlin, 8th - 9th December 2002

The conference will address one of the most pressing topics of our time: the transformation of the labour society. From a unique North-East European perspective these key questions will be discussed: How do the states of the Baltic Sea Region react to challenges as the erosion of demographic structures or the emergence of learning and knowledge-based societies? How do they attempt to shape the social dialogue and harmonise new forms of employment into existing social security systems? The conference is arranged by Forschungsgruppe Nordeuropäische Politik e.V.

Educational Fair (Riga)

March 7-11, 2001, the project administrators Kazimierz Musial and Kaarina Williams took part in an educational convention in Riga, presenting the essentials of the project and getting in touch with the local educational and academic institutions.

51st International Atlantic Economic Conference, Athens (13-20.03 2001)

Prof. Tiiu Paas organised a session on Regional Integration And Economic Development In The Baltic Sea Region at the 51st International Atlantic Economic Conference. Three senior researchers of the BaltSeaNet participated in the session: Tiiu Paas on "Regional Integration and Competitiveness of the Baltic Economies", Prof. Tatyana Muravskaya on "Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Corporations in the Process of Economic Transformation with Special Reference to Latvian Experience" and Prof. Anna Kisiel-Lowczyc (Gdansk) on "FDI in the Baltic Countries in Transition in 1990s".

The presentations are planned to be published in the forthcoming conference-publication.

Baltic Studies Conference (Tartu)

Project administrator Kazimierz Musial presented the BaltSeaNet at the Fourth Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe 27-30 June, 2001, at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

Civil Society in the Baltic Sea Region (Greifswald)

Civil Society in the Baltic Sea Region was the title of a conference organised by the Institute of Nordic History of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University in Greifswald from August 31-September 2, 2001.

The BaltSeaNet-project was prominently represented: Prof. Henrik Stenius gave a speech on “Civil society without bourgeois society?”. Prof. Bernd Henningsen presented the project and Dr. Kazimierz Musial spoke on “University exchange and civil society transfer of culture”. Furthermore, Jyrki Hakapää and Kaarina Williams participated.

The Baltic-refugee-net presents the conference more thoroughly at their newssite.

Nationalism, Identities, Regional Co-operation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities

BaltSeaNet was present at this convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (4th- 9th June 2002 Forlì, Italy). A panel Regional Constructions in Search of Identity: the case of the Baltic Sea Area included:

  • Pertti Joenniemi and Christopher Browning, COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute)
    “The Identity of Kaliningrad: Russian, European or a Third Space?”
  • Fabrizio Tassinari, BaltSeaNet
    “Baltic Sea regional Soft security Co-operation: a Critical Review of the Issues”
  • Nicola Catellani, Swedish Institute for International Affairs
    “European and Baltic identities: incompatible or complementary?”

This effort contributed to Task 4 of the BaltSeaNet work programme: Institutions and Values in Transformation by comparing and discussing issues related to the Baltic identity-building project and its conncections with the process of European integration. The panel was well-attended and raised the interest of the local academic community.

Norden at Crossroads

Aimed at scholars in the social sciences, humanities, theology, law and environmental sciences, Norden at Crossroads, a multidisciplinary conference in Nordic studies, was held at the University of Helsinki in 30 October – 2 November 2002, bringing together an international group of scholars discussing Nordic characteristics and experiences.

The conference was aimed at anyone with an interest in regional and trans-national issues in culture, society and politics, the construction of identities, cultural exchange and comparative studies as well as women´s studies and gender research.

The conference coincided with the Nordic Council’s 50th anniversary Jubilee Session, which was held in Helsinki between 28-31 October 2002, and with which the conference hads a joint session bringing together politicians, academics and civil servants.