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Indre Pikturniene,
The use of advertising strategies among Lithuanian innovative companies: pioneering versus following behaviour,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 15, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[215 kb]

Ragne Kõuts,
Social Integration in the Post-Socialist Society - The Case of Estonia,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 14, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[251 kb]

Olav F. Knudsen,
"Institutions" vs "Power": Baltic Perspectives on Regional Security,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 13, Gdansk/Berlin.

Mai-Brith Schartau (ed.),
Energy Resources, Energy Policy and Democratic Development in the Baltic Sea Region,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 12, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[213 kb]

Anette Reinsch,
Latvian - Jewish Relations and Images of 'Them': Literature, Historical Consciousness and Questions of Guilt and Shame,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 11, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[148 kb]


Mindaugas Jurkynas,
Political and Social Conflicts in Lithuania: Searching for the Left/Right Dimension and Cleavages,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 10, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[178 kb]

Indira Dupuis,
Journalism in Post-Communist Latvia: A Profession in Transition,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 9, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[226 kb]

Fabrizio Tassinari (ed.),
The Baltic Sea Region in the European Union: Reflections on Identity, Soft-Security and Marginality,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 8, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[277 kb]

Andres Juhkam,
Interest Rate Risk Management In Non-Financial Corporations: Estonian Evidence,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 7, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[138 kb]


Magdalena A. Zolkos,
New Members in the 'European Community of Values'? The European Union's Human Rights Policy Towards the Accession Countries - a Case Study of Poland,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 6, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[255 kb]

Paul Holtom & Fabrizio Tassinari (eds.),
Russian Participation in Baltic Sea Region-Building: A Case Study of Kaliningrad,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 5, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[470 kb]

Kazimierz Musial (ed.),
Approaching Knowledge Society in the Baltic Sea Region,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 4, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[237 kb]


Peter Stadius,
Southern Perspectives on the North: Legends, Stereotypes, Images and Model,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 3, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[103 kb]

Leena-Kaarina Williams,
The Baltic Sea Region: Forms and Functions of Regional Co-operation,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 2, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[169 kb]

Carl-Einar Stålvant,
The Northern Dimension: A Policy in Need of an Institution?,
BaltSeaNet Working Paper 1, Gdansk/Berlin.
PDF[104 kb]