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Online audio course "Tajik for beginners"

Online audio course "Tajik for beginners"

The audio course "Tajik for beginners" was developed by Manja Stephan, a former student assistant at the Central Asia Seminar, with technical support by Jörg Schulze and Gisela Schulz from the data processing center of the HU.

Speaker: Chajrullo Sajfullajew, Nafasscho Schosedow, Manja Stephan

The structure of the audio course follows the "Tadschikische Studiengrammatik" written by Lutz Rzehak, Wiesbaden, 1992.
Tadschikischen Studiengrammatik.

Technical note:
For downloading the audio files without any trouble we recommend to use a Internet connection with a bitrate of at least 56 kb/s.


1 - Pronunciation execises
2 - Demonstrative pronouns
3 - Personel pronouns and the verb "to be"
4 - Polite forms
5 - Interrogative pronouns
6 - Conjunctions and particles
7 - Verbs
8 - The verb doštan in the meaning of "to have", "to posses"
9 - Attributive connections with the izofa construction
10 - Direct objects
11 - Composed verbs

12 - Negation of sentences
13 - Prepositions
14 - Adverbs and interrogative pronouns
15 - Some interrogative determiners
16 - Forming the plural of nouns
17 - Imperative
18 - Basic numbers
19 - Ordinal numbers
20 - Date specification
21 - Primitive times
22 - Degrees of adjectives

The comlepe Tajik online audio course you can reach via Moodle HU.

last update : 05 December 2011