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Breeding values of siblings

Breeding values (State from ) for siblings, Search ciriteria:

2a: ISO country=DE  Association=17  Breeder=208  Studbook number=347  Year=2016

number of matching colonies: 19


The small number on the breeding value is the reliability of the breeding value. The reliability is a measure of the estimated accuracy of the breeding value estimation and lies between 0 for inaccurate and 1 for accurate.

The code of a queen consists of

ISO country
ISO 3166-1 ALPHA-2 Code
1-2-digit-number, see Association numbers
1-3-digit-number (available from your state association)
Studbook number
ID of the queen
Year of birth
Queen's year of birth (4-digit-number)

For disease susceptibility the evaluation is as follows:

susceptible to disease
medium susceptibility to disease
relative resistance to disease
no evaluation because of too little data

Use of genetic evaluation data for publications or commercial purposes is subject to permission by the Institute for Bee Research Hohen Neuendorf, Germany, Länderinstitut für Bienenkunde Hohen Neuendorf e.V.

The performance index is composed of the breeding value for honey yield, gentleness, calmness and swarming tendency in equal proportions.

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