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WR001 - Confident with Challenges in Academic Conferences

16 Stunden
Herr RuscelloLorenzo Mario Ruscello

Geboren in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. BA in Anglistik und Deutsch (Coe College), wohnt seit 1990 in Deutschland.
Herr Ruscello arbeitet seit 2003 freiberuflich als Trainer für Präsentationen, seit 2010 Business Coach (IHK), interkulturelle Kommunikation und Sprache. Herr Ruscello referiert Deutschlandweit, in den Niederlanden, Italien und in Irland. Er betreut Kunden im Bereich Personalentwicklung, Global Executive Search, Automobil-, Edelmetallverarbeitungs-, sowie Pharmaindustrie. Seine berufliche Kompetenzen umfassen: Lifelong Learning (nach Delors) bzw. Gesunde Schule, Train-the-Trainer, Prozesskompetenzen im Projektmanagement, interkulturelle Kompetenz (nach Trompenaars und Hofsteede), ab Febraur 2010 Coach der IHK.

Weitere Informationern:  www.alma-educational-consulting.de

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The most fascinating aspect of an academic conference is the discussion phase. Often, challenging questions and objections hinder the communication process. If you experience insecurity or dissatisfaction with the way you assert your findings in the discussion phase to the board or even guest speakers, you can develop strategies and fine-tune strengths to deliver a more convincing presentation, manage criticism, potential arguments and dynamics and contend your views with professional ease.

All relevant aspects involved in academic conferences are addressed:
- Defining a common dynamics, pitfalls and success stories in academic conferences
- The art of leading and managing discussions: the peer and academic panel review
- Managing interpersonal / intercultural dynamicsBringing the presentation to a result-oriented end
- Developing perception and self-critique skills.

Participants work in their current academic situation, specify the aim of the presentation and discussion, and assign roles as well as interactive tasks to the other participants.