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FE001 - Office English at Elementary/Pre-Intermediate level (Jahreskurs)

- Functional language for telephoning: asking for the reason of a call, asking for and giving more detailed information, being able to ask clarifying questions to aviod misunderstandings, suggesting solutions, arranging appointments etc.
- Typical standard phrases for emails: developing more phrases and variations for written correspondence, formal and informal phrases, polite phrases, describing typical topics and adding more detailed information where necessary
- Relevant functional phrases for meetings / contacts with international visitors; greetings, small talk, asking for and giving an opinion in simple words; typical phrases in meetings (agreeing and disagreeing etc.)
- To be able to explain your job and your responsibilities and to describe the Humboldt Universität in more detail (e.g. organization and structure of the university etc.)
The course programme will be tailored to the needs of the group and will be discussed in the first lesson with the trainer.

For People, who have a good elementary level and who can use the English language more actively.

If you are not sure whether this course suits your level we can arrange a short telephone interview foe a needs analysis and to assess your oral level. Please contact Ms. Schimansky-Geier after your course registration for contact details (doerthe.schimansky-geier@hu-berlin.de).

Level A2/B1

Sommerpause: nach Vereinbarung mit den Teilnehmenden, voraussichtlich Anfang Juli bis Mitte August 2022