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FE007 - Administration English - C1

60 Stunden
Frau Nyenative speaker New Zealand
donnerstags (30x)
Es gibt noch wenige freie Plätze zu diesem Termin.06.01.2022 bis 24.11.2022
09:00 - 10:30 Uhr
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0.00 EUR
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This online course is designed for C1/C2 level participants looking to improve and practise their spoken skills and to sharpen up their knowledge of the tricker aspects of English grammar. We have been using the book ‘Cambridge English Objective Proficiency C2’ and it is recommended that you purchase a copy for the course. We have a lot of fun in the class and every session starts with an informal “reporting in” about our week. It is also an excellent opportunity to network within the HU. Come and join us!

Level C1

Kursbuch: Cambridge English Objective Proficiency C2 (second edition), ISBN: 978-1-107-64637-7