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Wednesday, October 7, 2020


Approaching Code Methodologically – Or: How Can we Explore the Language(s) of the Digital from the Perspective of Cultural Anthropology?
Dr. des. Daniel Kunzelmann (Basel)
Libuše Hannah Vepřek, M.A. (Munich)

Thursday, October 8, 2020

9:30 – 11:00

Intro and Keynote

Multiplicities and Convergences in Extreme Speech: A Decolonial Perspective on Online Incivility 
Prof. Dr. Sahana Udupa (Munich)

Of “Truthiness” and “Stickiness.” Narratological Approaches to Plausibility and Communicability in Digital Truth-Making 
Dr. Stefan Groth (Zurich)

Undoing Information: The Communicative Function of Alternative Facts 
Dr. Nils Kumkar (Bremen)

Corona Madness?? How Conspiracy Theorists Make (Sense of) Truth Amidst a Pandemic
Dr. Jaron Harambam (Leuven)

Against Absolutist Truth-Making: A Plea for Open Data and Trusted Third Parties 
Dr. Carsten Ochs (Kassel), Dr. Katharina Kinder-Kurlanda (Cologne)


Blockchain as Semiotic Infrastructure for Truth 
Dr. Anna Weichselbraun (Vienna)

Patterns of Consumption: Economic Truth-Making in the Platform Industries
Dennis Eckhardt, M.A. (Berlin)

Approaching the Internet of Knowledge with an Ethnographic Tool-kit: Polish Facebook Users Seeking Health Advice in the Age of Information Chaos
Magdalena Góralska (Warsaw)

Operational Realism. Or, How an in Silico Experiment Interferes with Physical Realities of Quantum Mechanical Truths. An Ethnographic Case Study 
Dr. Anne Dippel (Jena)


Anonymous, the Internet, and the Inerrancy of the Bible. 
Dr. Vita Peacock (Munich)

Online Truth-Making Practices of the New Generation of National Conservative Chinese Internet Users 
Chenyang Song, M.A. (Berlin)

Trad Truth-Making: Women as Alt-Right Digital Activists 
Alexandra Deem, M.A. (Berlin)

“The Fall of the Occident”: Digital Truth-Making Through Collective Outrage 
Julia Molin, Pia Schramm (Berlin)

Friday October 9, 2020 

Truths about Gaming. Ethnographic Perspectives on Becoming a Gamer “Online” and “Offline”
Ruth Dorothea Eggel, M.A. (Bonn)

Rumour Mining: a Mixed Method-Project about Vaccination Hesitancy in Digital Forums  
Assoc. Prof. Mia-Marie Hammarlin (Lund)

Making Sense of Crises: Rejective Media Practices as Truth-Making Strategies 
Alexander Harder, M.A. (Berlin)


Workshop: Make Facts not CO2: Re-imagining Scientific Conferencing Practices 
Antonia Sladek (Berlin)

Workshop: MAXQDA for Media Anthropologists

Alexander Köpke (Berlin)

Humor & Hatred. Anti-Muslim Memes
Frauke Dornberg (Berlin)

Augmented Truths on the Table – An Ethnographic Investigation in the Field of Digital-Material Innovation
Sarah Thanner, M.A. (Regensburg)

Meaning-Making in an Online Community: Towards a Concept of a ‘Digital Interaction’
Dr. Maja Sawicka (Warsaw) and Dr. Irene Rafanell (West Scotland)


New Media in an Old Regime of Post-Truth: Postmemory, Ritualised Politics, and Freedom of Speech in Spanish Social Media 
Dr. Raquel Campos (London)

Curating the Truth as Grass-roots History. Digital Archives and their Relation to Postcolonial Theory and Practice 
Dr. Katja Müller (Halle)

Some Possible Machines of Truth and Knowledge: On Certain Possibilities in the Digitalization of Immaterial Culture Heritage Based on Early Experiences from the Humboldt-Forum 
Dr. Alan Prohm (Berlin)

Navigating Trust: On Reconfiguring the Danish-Swedish Border through Migrants’ Digital Practices 
Prof. Marie Sandberg, Dr. Nina Grønlykke Mollerup (Copenhagen)

Coffee Break / Working Group Meeting 
Keynote and Outro

Automating Authority: Vernacular Discourse in the Algorithmic Age
Prof. Dr. Robert Glenn Howard (Madison)