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The behavioral lab of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain is currently in room 210.

Behavioral Lab Laptops

It contains two high-end 15-inch-screen Windows-10 DELL Laptops (Latitude E5570) with Matlab and Python for experimental stimulation pre-installed (e.g., Psychtoolbox or PsychoPy/OpenSesame, respectively). Other software can be installed with the IT's help.

Also, two PowerMates have been attached and installed - e.g. for continuous ratings. The Laptops are locked to the heating pipes as they should remain in the room. If you need to move them, Micha Gaebler and Nils Rückert have keys to do that.

Behavioral Lab Shelf

The room can be booked via the system ("BSMB Behavioral Lab (Room 210)") and the key is available from the key machine on the ground floor. (Most of you will already have access to it. If not, Laura/Anja can give you access.)

There is lots of shelf space and a little closet that can be locked (see picture).

Good luck with your data acquisition.