Welcome to the online application software of SESS!


On the following pages you may enter the data for your online application to the European PhD in Socio-Economic and Statistical Studies:

1. Please register here for application. An email with your activation key and further instructions will then be sent to your email address. As soon as your account is activated, you may login at the blue column on the right hand side.

2. Using the fill-in forms, you can enter all data relevant to your application.

3. Additional information can be uploaded in PDF file format only. For identification purposes, please select file names that carry your surname (e.g. YOURSURNAME_CV.PDF).

4. Your data are saved automatically. You can edit all information as often as you need (press "Edit/Reload Application"). Also, you may login several times to complete your application form.

5. You are free to upload a portrait picture of yourself ("Upload Portrait") that will appear in our further communication.

6. „Show PDF Summary“ lets you view your application in the format that will be transmitted to the reviewers of the doctoral programme. Please verify if all files have been uploaded sucessfully before submitting your application by pressing "Create PDF" first. Note however that all required fields must be filled in before the PDF can be created. Maximum size of your complete application should not exceed 3MB.

7. Only after you have submitted your application by pressing „Submit Application“, our office will be able to see your data and start the application process. You can retrieve your application as often as you wish, but no changes are possible once your application is submitted.


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