Volunteer Tree Planting

This is a photo I captured several months ago while volunteering with a non-profit organisation called Friends of Trees in the Portland Metro area (in Oregon, USA). This photo reminds me of the importance of the natural environment for aesthetic purposes and beauty, but also for the reason that it keeps our air clean and our water pure.

This specific project was planting native trees along the bank of a stream in order to provide shade and reduce erosion. Efforts such as this can improve quality of rivers and streams, increase biodiversity, improve nutrient quality of soil, sequester CO2, and create healthy habitats for species in and around the area.

Friends of Trees, and many other non-profit and volunteer opportunities, also are important because they provide a sense of community and shared values among participants. I encourage anyone that is interested in climate change or making the world a better place to volunteer, connect with other passionate people, and donate some time to projects that are directly making a difference.


Photo by:
Jack Fraser
Portland, Oregon USA
March, 2015
Posted by:
Jack Fraser
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