Come-back of the almost gone

Wilderness is comin back to 34,500,000 m2 (3450 hectares) in Germany:
The European bison (Bison bonasus; german: “Wisent”) a close relative to the  American buffalo, was almost erased from earth due to strong hunting pressure. The last european bison living in the wild was shot in the 1920th. Only 12 individuals of the European bison survived in zoos.
Since that time large efforts are taken to reintroduce the European bison in Europe. But how to breed and reintroduce stable populations if there are only 12 survivors are left – 5 males and 7 females?
Luckily, somehow it was managed and the final extinction of the bison was prevented. This is why visitors nowadays can watch this cute, but pretty wild (be careful!), juvenile of the European bisons grazing on an abandoned military training area close to Berlin.  I deeply feel happy that the European bison is not finally gone from any squaremetre of that earth.

If you want to have a visit:

Photo by:
Ines Bruchmann
Reserve "Döberitzer Heide", close to Berlin, Germany
22. September 2015
Posted by:
Ines Bruchmann
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