Mitigation strategies

German tourists are easy to identify – they are mostly very well-equipped with expensive functional wear.  *haha*
Originally it was simply fun to me to take a rainy picture on the sun-deck of a ship… but after thinking a while the bad-weather picture reminds me on the longterm risks of climate change and the discussion on necessary mitigation strategies. Surely, mitigation strategies preventing risks of climate change are much more expensive than umbrellas or functional wear. Not every country can effort that. There is also so much socio-economic injustice in the discussion. Well,  I´m happy that in Paris the decision was taken to reduce climate emissions globally, but I´m really worried why do we risk the 2 degree-level and continue dancing on the brink? 

Photo by:
Ines Bruchmann
sun-deck of a ferry (atlantic)
september 2015
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Ines Bruchmann
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