Sea level rise

If we talk about risks of  sea-level rise caused by climate change it seems that this is more an issue of far away pacific island countries or only relevant someday in the far away future….

This picture was taken on a small non-dike protected island in the German wadden sea area (Hallig Langeneß). Since 1600 (BC) people settle the island. Today around 135 people live on those  11,570,000 m2 earth that are transformed and changed with every tidal period since hundreds of years. Looking in the chronicle of the island I´ve learned that a high tide of about 4 metres above normal sea level caused serious harms and damage to islands society several times in the past. What will be the level of future high tides?

Photo by:
Ines Bruchmann
Wadden sea, Hallig Langeneß, Germany
August 2013
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Ines Bruchmann
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