aesthetic values of landscapes

The picture shows a spica of a autochthonous savanna grass in light of sunset.

Just one of these perfect moments of high aesthetic and emotional value: I felt close to nature in such a beautiful place!
Next morning, however, leaving the reserve and traveling along, I realized the influence of globalization that brought great changes i.e. homogenization to the landscape.
Originally the Colombian great plains (Llanos) are mainly covered by natural savanna vegetation. The Llanos ecoregion was always of great economic importance to the people. Today most of the area is transformed for intensive cattle grazing and the natural savannas are being replaced by introduced pastures for rising the yields. Large areas of Llanos ecosystem are today covered with monocultural plantations of rubber and pine trees. Due to this transformation species and habitat diversity of the Llanos were largely reduced.

Photo by:
Ines Bruchmann
Los Llanos, Colombia
March 2015
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Ines Bruchmann
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