Affluent society

Regularly at the rubbish dump in our courtyard I can observe poor people gathering bottles and cans with refund out of our general trash. There are people living in our house who without any thought to their behavior litter resources as well as their money directly into any bin instead of into the recycling container for the particular material.
The same people get very upset about the persons who enter our courtyard to recycle the resources for their benefit. Among other things they accuse them to leave a mess. I do not share this perception – they always leave the rubbish dump very tidy compared to our own housemates whos unreflected consumerism can be well perceived at the rubbish dump.

Reflecting the szene I felt it represents very well different aspects of our still to solve pathways to our future and sustainable earth:

  • respectful handling of our resources
  • responsible consumer behavior
  • end hunger and poverty
  • reduce the growing inequality between rich and poor
  • make cities inclusive…

One of my concerns: How can it succeed to change behaviors of individuals for the benefit of all societies for a sustainable future earth?

Photo by:
Joachim & Katja Janson
Berlin, Wilmersdorf courtyard
May 2015
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Katja Janson
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