m² Earth


A photo exhibition connecting art, science and society

The project My m² Earth is based on the IRI THESys photo exhibition m² Earth that took place at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin from 13 November to 6 December 2014.

Printed in 1×1 m, the exhibition presented 20 photographic works from Ida Marie Tangerås and Cooper Blade, two art students from the BTK-University of Art and Design, taken in summer and autumn 2014 at different places of Berlin, Norway and the United States. Equipped with their analog Hasselblad 6×6 cameras, the photographers aimed to document and reflect on the impacts of unsustainable lifestyles and policy making, as well as emerging changes within society towards more sustainability in daily life. Ten pairs of photographs represented the artists’ individual visual interpretation of global change ranging from reservoir dams and wind turbines to melting glaciers and grazing sheep to urban gardening and plastic creations. The images were complemented by personal comments which arose during a live chat between the artists and 20 doctoral researchers participating in the KOSMOS Summer University “FutureLand – Competition for Land” in September 2014.


With the original exhibits printed in 1×1 m, the title m² Earth had both a technical and symbolic meaning to it, whereas the online project My m² Earth must now be seen purely symbolic. Please upload your own photographs and show us where you find local aspects of global change.

We are looking forward to your photographs!