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Jan Hecker-Stampehl
Hanna Eglinger
Bernd Henningsen
Sven Jochem
Muriel Norde
Lena Rohrbach
Joachim Schiedermair
Stephan Michael Schröder
Ralph Tuchtenhagen
Stefanie von Schnurbein

Editors in Chief

Inken Dose

Managing Editor and Reviews

Swantje Opitz

Editorial Staff

Olga Bazileviča
Christian Berrenberg
Florian Brandenburg
Izabela Dahl
Tobias Etzold
Frederike Felcht
Jens Gmeiner
Ann-Sofie Gremaud
Ian Peter Grohse
Kate Heslop
Peer Krumrey
Thomas Mohnike
Judith Meurer-Bongardt
Katharina Müller
Michael Penk
Clemens Räthel
Christian Rebhan
Ebbe Volquardsen
Matthias Weingard
Jana Windwehr

Legal Notice

Please send your manuscripts or topic suggestions to the e-mail address listed above or to a member of the editorial staff, who works in that field. Articles will only be accepted for first publication. If the article has already been published in one language, but that language is not English or German, a translation of that article into one of those languages will suffice as a first publication. The author is free to pursue further publications after a publication in NORDEUROPAforum.

When a work is accepted for publication in NORDEUROPAforum, the author grants certain rights with regards to the publication of said work. The author grants all existing and future rights to temporal, spatial, or contentual use, and all proprietary rights to use, ancillary copyrights, personal rights, and other rights governing temporal, spatial, or contentual use. These rights may be used in any present or as yet undiscovered ways. This grant of rights is intended to allow NORDEUROPAforum to utilize the efforts of authors in electronic publications.

All of NORDEUROPAforum′s texts are published on the edoc server of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Authors whose works are published on the edoc server retain their copyrights. Commercial use of those works without consent of the rights-holder is forbidden. The trademarks and brand names used in online offerings or through third parties (as needed) are unlimited subjected to the regulations of the respectively valid sign and the possession rights of the respective registered owners.

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Disclaimer of Liability

Despite thorough efforts to control our content, we assume no liability for the content of external links. The operators of linked sites are exclusively responsible for their content.

This disclaimer of liability is to be regarded as part of the internet offering from which you have been referred to this page. If parts or individual provisions of this text do not, do not fully or no longer correspond to the applicable law, the content and validity of the remaining portions of the document remain unaffected.

Image Rights

The images on the homepage originate from editorial staff members, and the copyright and personal use rights remain with the creators. Figures, tables, photos or other representations that are used in articles are subject to copyright and personal use rights. Usage of an image with attribution does not constitute consent for further usage of the image.

Ebbe Volquardsen:
Kangaamiut, West Greenland
Floating iceberg, Greenland
Art museum, Bornholm, Denmark
Inken Dose:
Archipelago by Gothenburg, Sweden
Sculptures, Reykjavík, Iceland
Backyard in Vilnius, Lithuania
Train, Vilnius, Lithuania
Stones, Iceland
Wandering dune, Nidda, Lithuania
Village, Iceland
Rocks and houses, Helsinki, Finland
Church at black beach, Iceland
Grass, Denmark
Bernd Henningsen:
Thingvellir, Iceland
Karina Henschel:
Copenhagen, Denmark
Julia Ulrich:
Elduvík, Faroe Islands
Ina Juckel:
Fjord, Norway

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Dates & Events

14. 11. 2019 - 15. 11. 2019 
SAALS 4: 4th Saami Linguistics Symposium

27. 11. 2019 - 29. 11. 2019 
Møte om norsk språk – MONS

05. 12. 2019 - 06. 12. 2019 
Poesididaktik-symposium med bland andra poeten Olivia Bergdahl


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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Redaktion NORDEUROPAforum
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Phone: +49 [30] 20 93 - 53 96
Telefax: +49 [30] 20 93 - 96 26
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Inken Dose

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Swantje Opitz

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