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NORDEUROPAforum – 1991 to now

Professional Journal 1991 – 1997

NORDEUROPAforum was launched in 1991 as a professional journal for politics, economics, and culture in Northern European countries. The journal was published quarterly until 1997 by NOMOS publishing and was widely circulated. The editorial office was originally located in the Institute for Scandinavian Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. With the establishment of the Berlin Department of Northern European Studies in 1994, the editorship moved to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where it resides today.

Editorial board meeting 1991 Editorial board meeting 1991
(Editorial board meeting 1991, Photo: Bente Geving)

Our photo shows one of the first editorial meetings in the rooms of Freie Universität. It took place against the backdrop of Scandinavian media′s recognition of the creation of the journal and was an illustration in an article of the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen, from Trondheim. Bernd Henningsen (4th from the right), founding director of the Berlin Department of Northern European Studies, served, then as now, as the editor of NORDEUROPAforum. Among the nine-member editorial board is also Stephan Michael Schröder (3rd from the right). Still a research assistent in Berlin in 1991, he is now a Professor of Scandinavian Studies at Universität zu Köln.

In the following, we will document the central topics of Old Series, which ran from 1991 to 1997 as a large-format journal. The rest of the journals are made available upon request by the editorial office.

Year 1991: Nr. 1: Europe, Nr. 2: Transportation, Nr. 3: Environment, Nr. 4: New Hansa
Year 1992: Nr. 1: Education, Nr. 2: Tourism, Nr. 3: Media, Nr. 4: Women
Year 1993: Nr. 1: Regions, Nr. 2: Traditions, Nr. 3: Economy, Nr. 4: Health
Year 1994: Nr. 1: Security, Nr. 2: Languages, Nr. 3: Europe, Nr. 4: Foreigners
Year 1995: Nr. 1: High-Tech, Nr. 2: Water; Nr. 3: Engagement, Nr. 4: Design
Year 1996: Nr. 1: Identity, Nr. 2: Labour, Nr. 3: Baltic, Nr. 4: Pairings
Year 1997: Nr. 1: Nordism, Nr. 2: Sport.

Title page of issue 4, 1995 Title page of issue 4, 1995
(The title page of issue 4, 1995 with the centre design. Photo: Archive)

Scholarly Journal from 1998 to today

The New Series of NORDEUROPAforum has run since 1998 – until 2013, it had the tagline »Journal of Politics, Economics, and Culture« – as a purely scholarly publication. Until 2005, two editions were printed each year by Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag. At the time, they contained three to five articles and a steadily growing number of reviews and annotations of scholary literature. The editions of the New Series that existed only in printed form – years 1998 to 2005 – have been digitalised by now and are available for our readers for free in our archive.

With the publication of 2006′s volume, NORDEUROPAforum transitioned completely to open access publication. Since then, our articles and reviews have been published exclusively online on the edoc document and publication server at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where they are made available free of charge.

After its first publication as an interdisciplinary academic journal in 1998, and the transition from print to digital publication, NORDEUROPAforum was again restructured in 2013: in order to reach a broader public and stay abreast of developments in academia and publishing, the journal changed its publication-frequency, and the focus of the content of the journal and its roster of editors and writers has been expanded. Instead of publishing two journals per year, we will publish our articles continuously as of fall 2013, in order to take advantage of the possibilities of an open access journal. In terms of content, the journal is now covering all branches of Scandinavian studies and Northern European cultural studies research. NORDEUROPAforum′s new tagline is »Journal for the Study of Culture«.

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