Julien Barrat

Brief CV

M. Sc. in Physics at Humboldt University, Berlin, 2020
Master’s thesis: “Two-Point Function in N=4 Super Yang-Mills with Wilson-Line Defect”, with J. Plefka and T. Klose and in collaboration with P. Liendo (DESY, Hamburg)

B. Sc. in Physics, at Humboldt University, Berlin, 2018

Freelance photographer, since 2012

Research Project

I am working with Prof. Dr. Jan Plefka and Dr. Valentina Forini on non-perturbative aspects of Wilson loops in supersymmetric theories. Analytic conformal bootstrap methods were recently developed for studying the strong coupling sector of N=4 Super Yang-Mills (SYM), and our aim is to extend these techniques to defect theories, i.e. where an extended object such as a Wilson loop is present in the vacuum and breaks the conformal symmetry. In addition, I will study the Nicolai map, which is a non-linear and non-local transformation of the functional measure of interacting supersymmetric theories to the one of a free Maxwell theory. This is particularly interesting in the context of 1/2-BPS Wilson loops, since the latter can be shown to be an invariant of the Nicolai map. The aim is to exploit this property for studying non-perturbative properties of N=4 SYM and of Wilson loops.