Diagrams, Interactions and Intersections

Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Mastrolia

Date(s) - 29/01/2021
13:30 - 14:30

video conference (zoom)


High energy particle collisions are an ideal framework for accessing
new information on matter constituents and forces of Nature. Advances
in Theoretical Physics depend on our ability to describe the
scattering processes among elementary particles at very high accuracy.
Theoretical Physicists calculate scattering amplitudes, numbers that
are related to the probabilities of different aftermath of particle
scattering, which encode the chance that a given set of particles will
turn into certain other particles after an impact. Feynman graphs are
a convenient way to represent particle collisions.
The mathematical methods required to describe scattering events which
take place from the smallest to the largest scale of the Universe
benefit from concepts borrowed from the rich research in mathematical
disciplines, such as (differential and algebraic) Geometry, Topology
and Number Theory. In this seminar, I elaborate on the diagrammatic
approach to Fundamental Interactions via Scattering Amplitudes and
Feynman integrals, and on their algebraic properties which have been
recently understood to be ruled by Intersection Numbers: a novel
connection between Physics and Mathematics.

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