Brinkmanship Simone loved it but she also stepped ashore leaving I behindd

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    Erudite and thought provoking thank you Michelle Ty
    Evelyn Underhill trod a parallel highly academic ‘wordsmith’ path to Simone. But from the comfort of the affluence of the English upper classes between the wars.
    I am cannot find in her writings if Simone Weir ever gave any plain written guidance on how to take the step to leave ‘I’ whereas Evelyn is explicit. So it is interesting to me that they both as it were loved the academic brinkmanship of:- to leave or not to leave ‘I’. But from very different perspectives.
    Although Simone never wrote about her experience of it she obviously achieved it. Her problems maybe was her oddly adolescent life, the war and Her urgent political writing. Together with the shortness of Her life.
    Never the less I am sure she considered that she had achieved her task in life, and in some adolescent way proved it in her demise. Her writings are here for us to undo and retry as we will she would have wanted that.
    On a lighter note Evelyn lived to old age and was a force in the revision of Christianity intentionally.

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