Gods role and conversion when things are not so nice

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    Thank you Emily King You had me jumping up and down during listening
    Nailing my flag to the mast I am a Christian mystic with a small m. Verger in an English Parish Church.
    Firstly. My view is that both of your people having a conversion experience had or were coming to the end of their ability to engender more to their already large written output.
    The first, realized, Mystical experience a person has is often because they have come to the end of their road of expertise and in their distress go beyond their intellectual mind and take that tentative step towards God. His reaction is to sweep them of their feet in His love. So the poetry the marble statue these are catalysts, lovely but catalysts. Those are the good times. I believe that in a moment of mortal fear a cry to God will also engender a Conversion enabling the person to endure or be heroic depending on Gods desire for them. Much more difficult and not at all lovely.
    Second point. The drive to achieve the absence of ‘I’ is not dependent on focusing on a beautiful object or lovely poem. In fact these attributes may in fact derail your attempt. It is more advantageous to consider a simple cat and when engrossed turn away easily and lose your ‘I’. God forbid that i ever in mortal terror have to lose my ‘I’ but i would try and God in His mercy would enable me.
    I have stopped jumping up and down now. Thank you again for stirring me up.


    Nice explanation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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