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    Thank you for the nice talks everyone yesterday, and sorry that the technique-strike was making my question falling out of the “chronological order” a bit.

    I did very much agree with what Simone Kotva pointed out in the discussion yesterday (answering to the question of unfomfortableness (if this word exists) and problematics (slavery), so at the context of different thoughts or terms some of you were feeling uncomfortable with, saw problematics, how they ‘fit’ in some contexts, whereas in others etc … ) and I remembered a sentence (I think it’s from the Cahiers, but I am not sure) where Weil herself points out or names this tension very clearly. A tension that is in my eyes of course readable through all her work, but is pointed out, so to say, very densely at this passage I was thinking of. A passage, where she says (context where she is also talking also about obéissance): While the “I” (I resume a bit shortly) is —- as the only thing we own in the world and the only real free act (= le pouvoir de dire ‘je’ as what we have do destroy and give back to God, P&G; another citation, from which Tom quoted in the forum, what already made me thinking of this ‘tension’ )— “to destroy”, it is always unconditonally to protect, regarding others. (Actually the discussion about individual and collective, impersonal, personal etc., super present (also) in P&S, around the talk of Scott and the discussion between Tom and Scott was driving in our could have been driven an at least linkabale direction).

    I know that, just to give example, L’amour de Dieu is full of thoughts, that could also point out this tension (as well as the role of suffering for instance, generally said). Also a lot of passages, not only in the Ilias text, but genereally linked to her thoughts of force. But I was not finding the passage I was thinking of and for that I was asking you yesterday, ‘cause I was thinking this would really have made a bit the “synthesis” of what you were talking about and also shows that she is far away from not seeing this herself. So maybe someone has better in mind or is aware of the source (actually it’s one, in itself ‘linked’ passage really, if I am not hallucinating).

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