Simone Weil was one woman

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    Extraordinary articulate mentally and Religiously she evolved through her life leaving a interesting trail from non participating Jewess to non participating Christian with enormous insights into extreme politics in between.
    But she also from 6 years old developed a humanitarian self discipline that would shame a Sargent Major.
    From 6 years old eating was a function required to live. adequate or similar to deprived people was her yardstick.

    Her negative side was her unsociable live style and attitude outside of her immediate family. Except when she was ‘on piste’ with her subject and she would hold her ‘carefully selected audience’ spellbound
    My mother said in her great old age ‘but I am eighteen inside.
    ‘Simone’s core values accumulated over her short life span. But inside I believe there was an adolescent girl who never ‘came of age’.
    This made her death almost predictable. She had achieved all the raw material in her writings for her manifesto for others to write (and they do). She had happily found her God in her own personal Christian ‘Simone Denomination’. She was loved by her God and accepted that she may on death disappear. Her health was giving out but she maintained her child started disciplines.taking an adolescent girls choice to end with flags flying. I can see why her parents, who outlived her, loved her.

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