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Collaborative Research Centre 632 “Information Structure”

Predicate-centered focus types:
A sample-based typological study
in African languages


Principal investigator

Prof. Dr. Tom Güldemann

Phone +49-30-2093 4727/66072
Fax +49-30-2093 66007
e-Mail : tom.gueldemann (at)

Research staff

Dr. Ines Fiedler

Dr. Yukiko Morimoto

Peggy Jacob

Dr. Andreas Wetter (associated)

Dr. Anne Schwarz (consultative)


Hausvogteiplatz 5-7
D-10117 Berlin

Phone +49-30-2093 66103
Fax +49-30-2093 66007
e-Mail : ines.fiedler (at)
sfb632.b7 (at)


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