Publications and presentations


Talja Blokland, Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Henrik Schultze (2020, im Erscheinen): "Where We Turn To". Rethinking networks, urban space and research methods" in "Spatial Transformations. The Effect of Mediatization, Mobility, and Social Dislocation on the Re-Figuration of Spaces" (working title).

Blogpost (2020) "Just because we have to do it, it doesn't mean it is right: why #stayathome shouldn't become a moral imperative and social isolation shouldn't become a habit"; URL (dt. Version):; URL (engl. Version):

Conference presentations

Henrik Schultze, Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Talja Blokland: "Taking urbanity beyond place. Thoughts on translocal networks, space and research methods" at the first International SFB 1265 Conference "Re-Figuration of Spaces: Mediatization, Mobility, Globalization and Social Dislocation" in Berlin from 20 – 22 February 2019.

Robert Vief: "Trans/local: Spatial Variability within Ego-Centered Social Support Networks" at the 8th European Survey Research Association Conference in Zagreb (Kroatien) from 15 – 19 July 2019. Panel: "Quantitative Spatial Analysis of Micro and Macro Data: Methodological Challenges and Solutions 1."

Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Henrik Schultze, Talja Blokland: "Profits of Trans/locality? Spatial Segregation and Practices of Organizing Resources in Times of Translocal Mobility and Communication" at the 14th European Sociological Association (ESA) Conference in Manchester (UK) vom 20 – 23 August 2019. Panel: "RN37_08: Spatial segregation in cities."

Henrik Schultze, Robert Vief, Daniela Krüger, Talja Blokland: "Breaking up the Ground: Fluidity and Boundedness in Social Networks of Support" auf der Research Committee 21 Conference der International Sociological Association (RC21) "In and Beyond the city" in Delhi (Indien) vom 18 – 21 September 2019. Panel: "Stream S32. Proximate lives in shifting spaces: examining urban life through the relationalities of neighbouring in diverse urban environments."