Publications and presentations


Talja Blokland, Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Henrik Schultze (2021, forthcoming): "Where We Turn To. Rethinking Networks, Urban Space and Research Methods" in "Spatial Transformations. The Effect of Mediatization, Mobility, and Social Dislocation on the Re-Figuration of Spaces" (working title).

Blog post (2020) "Leaving the house to talk in private. How COVID-19 restrictions affected how and where we find someone to talk to"; URL (English):

Blog post (2020) "More than jobs and making money"'; URL (English):

Blog post (2020) "Just because we have to do it, it doesn't mean it is right: why #stayathome should not become a moral imperative and social isolation not a habituation"; URL (German):; URL (English):

Conference presentations

Henrik Schultze, Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Talja Blokland: "Taking Urbanity Beyond Place. Thoughts on Translocal Networks, Space and Research Methods" at the 1st International Conference of the CRC 1265 entitled "Re-Figuration of Spaces: Mediatization, Mobility, Globalization and Social Dislocation" in Berlin from February 20 to 22, 2019.

Robert Vief: "Trans/local: Spatial Variability within Ego-Centered Social Support Networks" at the 8th European Survey Research Association Conference in Zagreb (Croatia) from July 15 to 19, 2019. Panel: "Quantitative Spatial Analysis of Micro and Macro Data: Methodological Challenges and Solutions 1".

Daniela Krüger, Robert Vief, Henrik Schultze, Talja Blokland: "Profits of Trans/locality? Spatial Segregation and Practices of Organizing Resources in Times of Translocal Mobility and Communication" at the 14th European Sociological Association (ESA) Conference in Manchester (UK) from August 20 to 23, 2019. Panel: "RN37_08: Spatial Segregation in Cities".

Henrik Schultze, Robert Vief, Daniela Krüger, Talja Blokland: "Breaking up the Ground: Fluidity and Boundedness in Social Networks of Support" at the Research Committee 21 Conference of the International Sociological Association (RC21) entitled "In and Beyond the City" in Delhi (India) from September 18 to 21, 2019. Panel: "Stream S32. Proximate Lives in Shifting Spaces: Examining Urban Life Through the Relationalities of Neighbouring in Diverse Urban Environments".