Final CrimScapes Meeting – and a common future as convenors of the AnthroCrime Network!

At the beginning of February 2024, the members of the CrimScapes team gathered in Berlin for a final meeting within the NORFACE funding period, working together on tasks and ideas for the future and reviewed the last few weeks.

The past few weeks have been a real finishing sprint – with various public and semi-public online and offline events that have both updated and discussed our current findings on the topic of criminalization and brought these results to the public.

At this final meeting, we worked together on a special issue on citizenship and criminalization, on various articles and on a policy brief on the politics of criminalization, which we plan to present at the provisional end of the project.

We regret that the funding period has already come to an end and look back on 3.5 exciting, turbulent years, which we are currently digesting in the form of many articles!

For now, however, we will continue to work as a team – as the new conveners of the AnthroCrime Network. We are much looking forward to this new, joint task!