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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Verhoeven

Research Assistant

Anne Temme

Student Assistant

Nóra Hausel

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Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Verhoeven

Email: elisabeth.verhoeven(at)


  • syntax of German
  • language typology
  • empirical methods in syntactical study
  • parallels between syntax - semantic, syntax – pragmatic, syntax – phonology
  • typology and characterisations: Yukatecan Maya, Cabécar (Chibcha), Urumayan (Caucasus)

Research assistant:

Anne Temme, M.A.

Email: anne.temme(at)


2005-2011: Studies in linguistics in Potsdam & Berlin

Seit 2012: Doctorand at the HU Berlin

  • argument structure
  • lexical-syntax
  • syntax-semantics
  • language comparison
  • experimental syntax
  • non-canonical arguments/structures
  • psych-predicates
  • German syntax

Student assistant:

Nóra Hausel, B.A.

Email: hauselnq(at)

Work on the project: Native speaker informant for Hungarian

2008-2011: University of Szeged, Hungary
B.A. German philology und History

Seit 2011: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
M.A. Linguistics

  • Hungarian syntax

Student assistant:

Julian A. Rott, B.A.

Email: j.rott(at)

Work on the project: Informant for Icelandic

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New project phase started

The proposal for further project funding was approved by the DFG. The current project phase focuses on typological and theoretical research on psych alternation. More information here.


The experiencer project examines in which way semantic and pragmatic characteristics of prominence influence the structure of experiencer-stimulus constructions.


ICGL 11: submitted
Clitic-left dislocation vs. scrambling

Lingua (2014)
Thematic prominence and animacy asymmetries

Journal of Germanic Linguistics (2014)
Thematic asymmetries do matter!


Experiencers and predicates that select experiencers make up a central field of phenomena of theoretical linguistics, as they trigger effects that are located outside of the standard behavior of canonical (non-experimental) structures.