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The MB Wiki is using the Tweeki Skin for MediaWiki. The official documentation for Tweeki is located here. The current quick guide to the MBWiki shows users unfamilar with the MediaWiki & Tweeki technology (html, css, javscript, etc.,) how to make the most common changes to the appearance and structure of the site, and how to create and modify content.

Change content

Create an entry

Type the name of the page you wanna create after the last forward slash in the MBWiki base url,

If the page doesn't yet exist, you'll get an option to create the page.

Edit / modify an entry

  • Navigate to the page, and click the Edit button.

Did you know? MBWiki entries can use Bootstrap classes to style the contents of their entires. Find out what's possible with Bootstrap here.

Advanced Editing

By default, advanced editing features are turned off for all users. To change this, go to your Profile preferences > Editing > and check > Enable enhanced editing toolbar.

Discussion tab

Please use the Discussion in the Navigation bar on any page to talk about the page.

MediaWiki has some good advice about how to use a Discussion entry for a specific page here.

The most important thing to remember is that the Discussion / Talk page for an entry should be used to talk about the content & structure of the entry. Don't change someone's wording without discussing the change!

Change structure

Navigation bar

Add to the navigation bar:

Please note the special syntax for the navigation bar:

  • commas separate items
  • asterisks mark items in a drop down column
  • plain text not followed by asterisks are single links to MBWiki entries / pages

You can get the full scoop on the structure of the Navigation bar from Tweeki here.

Change password

Log into your account and go to the preferences tab (or click here).