The "Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology" aims at developing ‘an anthropology of/as urbanism’. It critically explores governmental, everyday, insurgent and more-than-human practices of city making. It also experiments with ethnography as a more-than-textual, multimodal practice.



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Andrew Gilbert

Short bio

Andrew is a professor at the Institute for European Ethnology and co-director of the Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology. His research focuses on the politics of social transformation in contexts of historical upheaval, including post-war international intervention, post-socialism, and urban activism. Increasingly, this research has coalesced around an exploration of the collaborative, ethnographic and political affordances of multisensory and multimodal experimentation.  One prominent example of this is the graphic ethnography project Reclaiming Dita. For a full list of Andrew’s projects, publications and presentations, visit his personal website here.

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A semester-based call inviting HU students at all levels – BA, MA and PhD – to apply for funding for multimodal projects addressing urban spaces, transformations and/or other matters.

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