The "Stadtlabor for Multimodal Anthropology" aims at developing ‘an anthropology of/as urbanism’. It critically explores governmental, everyday, insurgent and more-than-human practices of city making. It also experiments with ethnography as a more-than-textual, multimodal practice.



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Johannes Scholz

Short bio

Johannes Scholz is an environmental engineer for waste management and circular economy. Johannes Scholz completed a subject-related bachelor’s degree in the specific course of study “Circular Economy” at the HS Magdeburg-Stendal and a master’s degree at the TU-Dresden in the course of study “Waste Management and Contaminated Sites”. In his bachelor’s thesis, Mr. Scholz dealt with Ident System-supported collection systems for lightweight packaging. In his master’s thesis, research was conducted on manufacturer-operated take-back systems for WEE. After graduation, Mr. Scholz was responsible for the development of an environmental management system according to ISO 14 001 for a medium-sized shipping company. Subsequently, he started his activities at the Chair of Circular Economy and Recycling Technology.

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